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Audio Engineering Courses

Dan Skye has over 20 years experience as an audio engineer and has been educating future audio engineers for quite some time. In fact he is responsible for teaching a large number of current New Jersey recording studio owners. Dan also teaches audio engineering at a nearby college in NJ but teaching at Skylab Studios has allowed him to take a hands on approach in your education. If you decide to earn your audio engineering certification at Skylab Studios your classes will always be one on one to guarantee you get the attention you deserve. Earn your audio engineering certification and while getting experience in a working studio.

Furthermore, Skylab Studios mentors our students to ensure they are taking the right steps to make it as an audio engineer. Whether you would just like to learn how to use a certain music technology or you dream of owning your own studio one day, Skylab will be by your side every step of the way. We will teach you the ins and out of recording as well as the business side of the industry. You can enroll in any of our courses at any time of year and we can establish a schedule that is convenient for you. Courses can be taken individually but to receive audio engineering certification all courses must be completed. Choose from the course offerings below:

Pro Tools digital audio software has become a standard in the recording industry. Skylab can teach you how to set up your Mac or PC to integrate a Pro Tools recording system. We will also show you every aspect of using your Pro Tools software to acheive the best sound quality possible for audio recording.

There are a lot of factors to consider when building a professional or home project studio. This course will teach students about acoustics, soundproofing, building materials and ventilation and wiring concepts. Skylab has worked as a consultant in the design of many recording studios.

Understanding the properties of sound as well as the way the human ear and brain interpret those sounds is a big part of being a good sound engineer. This course will teach you about psycho-acoustics and the effect that listening environments have on sound perception.

The Microphone class teaches students about the different types of microphones on the market and how they are constructed. The class also covers microphone placement techniques, which type of microphone to use in different recording situations and the sound characteristics that are unique to each microphone.

The use of synthesizers and midi instruments is common in today's recording studio. Sometimes linking and sychronizing midi equipment to recording gear can be a daunting task. This course will teach you how to integrate all of your gear for seamless recording.

This course demonstrates mixing and mastering techniques used in the final steps of the recording process. Students learn how to use analog signal processors as well as digital software plugins to prepare their audio for duplication and sales.

Aspiring audio engineers can take our full audio engineering course to learn every aspect of the recording industry. Our audio engineering course includes all courses above and more. We'll even teach you about the business side !!!